Michigan Lottery

Michigan Lottery is an platform for fun and entertainment where millions play the games each year and try there luck to win big on this platform

Michigan lottery Results

Michigan lottery

This Lottery is the lottery in the state of Michigan USA. The Michigan lottery offers various games in the state and it also support public education

Michigan Lottery – Tickets Where to Purchase

The Lotter tickets can be purchased at authorized retailers and through website of Michigan lottery one can purchase the tickets at these licensed retailers or site

Michigan Lottery – Games

Daily Draw Games

Daily 3 and Daily 4 Games : Players can choose either 3 or 4 to win and the number must exactly match with drawn number

Fantasy 5 Games : In this the player select from 5 numbers from 1 to 39

Other Games

Powerball : In Powerball players have the option to select 6 numbers from pools it is multi state jackpot

Mega millions Game : In this the player select 6 numbers from 2 pools 5 numbers from 1-70 and mega number from 1-25 it is also multi state jackpot know for big jackpots

Lotto 47 : Lotto 47 is drawn twice in a week players select from 1-47 6 numbers

Poker Lotto : It is the quick play game players win instantly while purchasing with the symbol matching specified one

Keno : The player select multiple numbers till 10 and win is on basis of matched numbers

Scratch Of Games : The scratch of game involves scratch the ticket which includes themes, prize once scratched will reveal winning if win on that scratch

Pull Tab Game : The pull tab game is where the player pull the tab instead of scratch to check if won a prize or not

Online Games : Online games was introduced where Michigan lottery offers variety of online games and there versions.


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