Internal Revenue Service (IRS) – US Taxes

The IRS – Internal Revenue Service is the US federal agency which is responsible for determining and enforcing the federal tax law

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) – US Taxes

The IRS is Government revenue service Agency which administers for collection of taxes which provide America’s taxpayer top quality service for tax and enforce the tax law in the country

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) - US Taxes

What Is Internal Revenue Service (IRS)-US Taxes and How it Works?

The IRS primarily handles Income Taxes and Corporate Taxes. The IRS collects tax from Companies and individuals it is part of  US Department of Treasury introduced by president Abraham Lincoln in 1862 and name change from Bureau of internal revenue to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in 1953 which went through changes and reorganization

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) – US Taxes- Filling Of Taxes IRS

The Official Website  where all the details of payment and refund and tax related issue can be addressed the Taxpayer can file and pay their tax through mail, electronically or in person The IRS helps the taxpayer in understanding the tax law and its applicability.

Best Way of Filling Tax Return Through Internal Revenue Service IRS

90% of taxpayer used Electronic mode for paying the tax in 2022 one can also use mail or phone as the mode to pay the tax Forms used for filling the tax Form 1040 individual tax return and Form 1040-SR for seniors



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